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Hey there, I am Leonard, thank you for visiting my website.

After my self-education, I wanted to put what I had learned into practice, but I was met with a lot of scams, setbacks and failure. I still remember signing up for quick online schemes that asked me for so much money before I could benefit from the products they were promoting, often times never receiving the benefit even after the investment. Many online businesses tried to lure me into buying their products with flashy icons, videos and banners telling me how easy it is to start a business and generate money by just a click of a button.

My turning point occurred when I was introduced to affiliate marketing. It was not a “get rich quick” scheme and it did not require me to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in order to start my own business. I have certainly come full circle, but I think that’s part of what qualifies me to help you. I have seen the good and the bad on online businesses. I have been hustled and now I know better to avoid them. I am aware of the hallmark of online schemes and how to differentiate them from real opportunities.

I have been successful at running my online business and now I want to help you do the same.


I know what it is like to be financially burdened and feel like you are stuck in a cycle of paying and repaying debt and bills. Interest overwhelms you and eventually you start missing out on life so that everyone else can get paid.

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Financial freedom is one of my top priorities so that I can spend more time doing the things I love. Having navigated the ups and downs of online businesses, I want to give you a chance to become the business owner you have always wanted to be, without the huge loan, financial downpour or anxiety that is traditionally associated with starting a business.

I love living a better life that is not defined by my income and I want you to start doing the same.


My goal is to help people like you build online business successfully with the right mindset so that you can be financially free and have the abundance of time to spend doing the things that actually bring you joy, whether it’s a hobby, family and friends or travel.

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Consider me your online business guru. It is my aim to guide you on this journey offering the proper knowledge, and technique, to develop a lucrative and rewarding business online that yields a sustainable income. With this model, which has proven successful a thousand times over, you are within reach of a better life, one that puts in the driver’s seat and ensures you get paid for it.

Thank You,

Best Wishes To Your Success.



“If you don’t know how to make money while you sleep, then you’ll be working fo the rest of your life”


Founder & CEO of BrokeKnowMore.com



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