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Hello everyone and Thank You for visiting my site. Here I will share my personal experience on how I pursuit my goals and have a running business online also my accomplishment in life. After my trial and error experimenting various methods on how to make money online.

But First and Foremost I would like to introduce myself and share my experience to the world.


Hello my name is Leonard Daquiz from Alberta Canada, We moved here from Philippines to have a better life when I was nearly 14 years old at that time, we as in (my dad and my brother) actually landed in Ontario to be reunited with my mom before I decided to moved to Alberta back 2007 hoping to start a family and be a business entrepreneur.

Now husband and a father of three. My personal hobbies are playing sports, specially basketball is my favorite, watching movies, love to spend time outdoors enjoying nature, weather permitting of course. I’m also a collector off all different kinds of Marvel, DC and Dragon Ball Z statues, I aslo have a few old Canadain paper bills and coins on my possession.

I started my journey to become business entrepreneur around 2016 during that time I’ve searched and tried all kinds of things on how to make passive income online while working full-time on my current job. I knew it was not going to be an easy process knowing the fact that I didn’t have the right knowledge, the training or mindset to begin with.

So I decided to read books and educate myself about the people who have became successful in their journey, I’ve used their theories and words of wisdom to build a strong foundation. By doing so I went out on my own and tried my new found skills thinking I was ready to except any challenges that come my way and be successful. However I failed over and over again to the point that I was ready to give up and forget about everything I worked so hard to accomplish. Instead I asked myself, what am I doing wrong I thought I was ready, but I was not.

I still remember signing up for one or even more making money online courses but they kept asking me to do this and do that. In the end they wanted more of my hard-earned money to proceed to their training course. There are many online business out there that tried to lure me in onto buying their products by showing flashy icons, videos, banners and telling me how easy it is to start a business and generate money by just a click of a button. The truth is they are just one of many scammers wanting more money from me.

I didn’t know who I could trust anymore and then when all hope appear lost I came upon this great opportunity that changed my life and whole perspective about making money online. This became possible without having to spend a lot of money to start a business by having the right mentor to point me in the right direction.

And now after all the research, time wasted, here I am running my very own online business trying to make a difference, one person the time. This is the reason why this website exists today.


It’s a huge jungle out there and if there is no one to point you in the right direction you will be easly lost and find yourself sinking to the bottom of the financial sea faster than you think. With proper guidance, training and mentoring you will be on your way to acheiving your financial goals.

People like yourself deserve a better lifestyle, instead of you working for someone in exchange for your time and paycheck, making them rich. I want, NO NEED to help you and show you the technique on how to achieve your success by building a good and strong foundation to run a business that will generate a strim of income online. Never have to worry about not having enough money to enjoy life.


To help people build there online business seccussfully with the right mindset to take on any challenges in the internet space and share their stories to the world. To have the abundant of time spend to famaiy and friends, have financial freedom they deserve and a lifestyle they always wanted .

To guide them to path of success, proper technique, training and gain the knowledge to build a strong foundation for a successful business online, which can establishes a sustainable income. With this proven system they can achieve success in a short period of time and live their life beyond their wildest dreams.

My goal is to help and guide those individuals looking for a right direction to change there current financial situation and lifestyle. By showing them the path to success to achieve goals and be successful business entrepreneur.

If you don’t know how to “make money while you sleep, you’ll be working for the rest of your life”. By the great Warren Buffet:

All the best,


Founder & CEO of BrokeKnowMore.com



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